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Alban Eco Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions Division of Alban Inspections, Inc.

Alban Inspections is a multi-faceted Washington metropolitan area company specializing in property inspection, environmental and allergen testing in homes, multi-family, commercial and industrial properties.  It also has lead-based paint and energy efficiency consulting divisions.

Alban Eco Solutions, the energy efficiency solutions division of Alban Inspections, Inc., provides energy assessments and energy audits for properties of all types and energy related consultation with property owners, property managers and facility managers.  Alban Eco Solutions also provides energy efficiency improvement contracting and the sale of state-of-the-art energy efficiency products.  Through alliances with insulation and mechanical contractors, Alban Eco Solutions recommends the most appropriate strategies, with the proper prioritization of the process to maximize the energy efficiency of clients’ properties.  The executive and sales staff of Alban Eco Solutions search nationwide for the most up-to-date energy efficiency materials and products for our clients.  Our product line of Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs save over 90% of the energy needed to operate incandescent light bulbs of the same lighting magnitude.  We feature the finest solar attic fans, attic hatch covers, insulated windows, insulation products, chimney sealing products, and water saving devices and other products.

The overriding goal of Alban Eco Solutions is to help our clients:

·        Take full advantage of money saving techniques and available financial incentives

·        Provide the most comfortable and healthy environment for their occupants

·        Reduce the environmental impact of the energy use of their property

Alban performed its first inspections in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest non-franchise companies of its type in the Mid-Atlantic region of America.  Alban inspectors advise our clients in the environmental areas of lead-based paint, water quality, septic system operations, mold concerns, radon gas. And allergens.  We ask our clients all the time, Is Your Home Making Your Sick?

In the area of energy efficiency of buildings, its staff members are certified by the Residential Energy Service Network (RESNET) and the Building Performance Institute (BPI), the two primary national energy auditor certifying and retrofit standards issuing organizations.  Both are recognized by DOE and EPA as authorities in the energy efficiency for properties industry. 


Alban Inspections, Inc. is an affiliate of Home Energy Team, a national energy efficiency company providing energy auditing and retrofit technique education, national certifications for RESNET and BPI, and is a national alliance of energy auditor and energy efficiency renovation contractors.   Home Energy Team has instructed students nationwide and has affiliated companies now in 22 states.  Arthur S. Lazerow, Chairman of Alban, is Chief Financial Officer of Home Energy Team, is an originating partner and has relationships with the Who’s Who of the energy efficiency world.